Textiles is a hands-on skill-based course offered to students from Grades 10-12 at Notre Dame. Textiles 10 is a one-term course that allows students to develop beginner sewing skills such as learning how to properly use a sewing machine. Textiles 11 and 12 is a full-year course in which students are able to continue the skills learned previously in Grade 10.


They learn more advanced and challenging skills to create more intricate projects and designs independently. Some of these projects include boxer shorts, hoodies, half-zipped jackets, aprons, skirts, fully-lined coats, and lined dresses.


In this class, students discuss topics such as discovering the latest fashion trends, styling and coordinating wardrobes, up-cycling denim, and the inner workings of the fashion industry.

Student Testimonial

Notre Dame believes that creativity, competence and dexterity, are vital for students when developing the mind in achieving expressiveness. It is crucial for students to express their ideas and perspectives in their everyday life, assisting them to be competent in their future.


Provided at Notre Dame, the Textiles curriculum enables students from Grades 10 to 12 to explore sewing techniques in creating varieties of clothing items; fleece hoodies, aprons, summer shorts, and many more. Whether students are expertises with their sewing skills or not, they are motivated by our lovely teacher at Notre Dame to expand their knowledge and artistry in the curriculum. Students have the opportunity to create their Textiles Portfolio, encapsulating the challenging skills they will develop, bettering themselves to express these skills in their life. Sewing machines, tools, and fabrics are supplied, allocating students at Notre Dame to demonstrate the creative abilities they will develop and share with their classmates, families, and outside of the Textiles curriculum. 


- Chelsea Soriano

Grad '22