The goal of Student Services is to provide our students with academic, social, and personal counselling and support by giving them the tools they need to succeed. This involves a comprehensive developmental approach to student success, which focuses on: 

*The entire 5-year high school experience of our students 

*First year transition into Grade 8 and graduation transition out of Grade 12 


We understand that the transition from elementary school to high school needs to be supported in many ways, including: 

  • Entering a new environment 

  • Time management 

  • Increased responsibility 

  • Change in support system 

  • Struggle with independence and identity 

  • Academic challenges 

  • Building new relationships and nurturing old ones 


We are committed to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of services to our students by: 

  • Working with them where they are at in their development 

  • Helping them navigate the complexities of school 

  • Building student engagement and resourcefulness 


Our support system is made up of the Director of Student Services, Personal Counsellor, Grade Level Coordinators (GLCs), and the Student Resource Centre, which consists of the Department Head, Educational Assistants, and several other consultants and therapists. 

Student Resource

Student Resource is the largest department at Notre Dame. As a department, we support all students in the ND community, and pay special close attention to those with learning challenges, those who struggle with social emotional regulation, and those who need support in executive functioning. 

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Grade Level Coordinators

Grade Level Coordinators (GLC) support students in their day-to-day successes and challenges related to all areas of school life, including peer, teacher, and family relationships, academics, mental and physical health, discipline, and general questions and concerns. They serve as a bridge between students and staff members, students and peers, and are a resource that refers students to a resident leader or expert in an area of concern. Often times, the GLC is able to directly solve student issues (conflict resolution) and avoid taking it to the next level. GLCs play an especially important role, starting in Gr 8 (as they help students adjust to their new school), following students through Gr 12 (preparing students for graduation and post-secondary life).

Personal Counselling

There may be challenges and struggles that students face throughout their high school career and for that reason, ND offers personal counselling to any student who could benefit from the extra support. This is a place for students to experience a safe and non-judgmental environment where they can share their struggles and learn new ways of coping. The personal counsellor will work collaboratively with other members of staff as well as professionals outside of the school to best support them in whatever challenges they may be facing.

Student Testimonials

“I like how friendly it is and how they explain anything to someone. And they don't judge you for it.”

— Grade 12 student

Sometimes we get extra help on upcoming work that we haven't learned yet so when we get the assignment, we will understand/know what to do.”

— Grade 10 student

They helped me catch up.  I was so far behind and having a teacher available to get work done that I didn't complete because I didn't understand is very helpful.”

— Grade 10 student

I like how everyone doesn't judge you for struggling, and you feel included. Student Resource is a good place to catch up if you're behind in schoolwork.  This department helps make high school less stressful."

— Grade 10 student