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Performing Arts


If you enjoy acting, singing, or show production, performing arts might be the place for you. Joining performing arts is a great way to engage yourself with music, plays, dances, and much more. The Notre Dame Performing Arts program offers students to join a new club, make friends, and form new relationships with people you’ll get to know along the way. 

Our concert and show choir include multiple different grades, groups, and ages. There are varieties of dances, music genres, and something that will definitely fit you! 

Join our performing arts groups if you’d like a great experience at Notre Dame and make the most out of it by creating amazing memories with your friends, teachers, and peers. 

Notre Dames Performing Arts Department has various programs, all led by Simon Isherwood including Show Choir, Concert Choir, Soloists, Musical Theatre, and Drama an elective throughout grades 8-12. Concert Choir and Show Choir have been something many students have enjoyed throughout the years, with an outstanding number of 186 students joined in 2019. Our Show Choir has five groups within the department including Grade 8 girls, Livewire, Dynamo, Platinum, Ironmen, and Soloist, which perform during the Christmas Concert, The Music Dinner, and compete against other show choirs and Concert Choir groups on our annual show choir trip including destinations like New York, Disneyland, Toronto and many more. Musical Theatre performances happen every year around the spring and for Play Performances around winter. Drama has been an elective that students partake in starting in grade 8 and can continue by choosing so during course selection starting in grade nine. 

- Lauren Barbosa

Grad' 22