Physical Education



PE or as it’s now called Physical and Health Education is divided into two major sections. Grades 8- 10, Junior PHE, emphasizing health, fitness,  skill development, and participation. Students are also taught how to make healthy choices that influence their physical, emotional, and mental well-being, all implemented through a Catholic worldview and an understanding of First People's principles of learning.  

Once students reach grades 11 and 12 the course changes to Active Living, where more emphasis is placed on health and introducing recreational activities, bridging student participation to their lives after high school.  In Active Living 11-12 developing personal and team leadership skills become a much more important component.  This includes students creating warm-ups, games, and drills for a particular sport or activity, then leading, with guided direction, to implement their plans with the class.  In addition to regular activities, Active Living 11 and 12 travel off-campus to various locations in order to receive exposure to new community activities.