What is Information and Communication Technology (ICT)?

At Notre Dame, we value career readiness for our students. Courses in the ICT department provide opportunities for students to explore and develop technological skills in a hands-on learning environment, enriching learning in all areas of education. 

What is our mission?


To prepare students for the dynamic world, we aim to build confidence in their technological skills. Students will learn how to design, create, and apply ideas and solutions to real-world projects and problems. 

What do we do?


Instead of conventional learning involving textbooks and memorizing theories, the ICT department teaches with a novel approach of practicality. The ICT teachers will construct events, and students will learn through experience by creating technological content pertaining to those events. 


Within both the courses and the clubs in ICT, students will encounter real-world tasks and problems that will strengthen their ability to create, develop, and implement their own creativity. In doing so, students will learn to apply different methods of design and technological approaches to help further them in their career paths. 

Justin Lee

Grad '22