FLEX 8 is a multi-disciplinary course that is designed to ease the transition from elementary school to high school. This course gives the students the tools and base knowledge that are necessary for success in and out of Notre Dame. 

FLEX 8 blends Career Education, Applied Design Skills and Technology, and Physical and Health Education into one unique, Flexible Learning Experience. 

Here's what we do throughout the year:

We learn about Information and Computer Technology

  • Introduction to Gmail and Google Drive

  • Practice with Google Classroom and Google Slides

  • Research Analysis and Source Reliability

  • Internet and Social Media Safety and Awareness

  • Computer Coding


We learn about High School Academic Preparation 

  • Exam and Study Techniques

  • Preliminary Course Planning

  • Career Education

  • Organization and Preparedness

  • Inquiry/Research Projects


We learn strategies and the importance of Emotional Literacy

  • Stress Management

  • Reflection of Self and Learning

  • Goal Setting

  • Budget and Income Preparedness


We work on our Physical Health

  • Daily Physical Activity (~20 minutes)

  • Substance Use and Abuse

  • Health & Nutrition 

We participate in a variety of ADST Challenges

  • Collaborative and creative

  • Different technologies with different safety features

  • Individual and group

We build an E-Portfolio

  • Focusing on the Core Competencies

  • Collecting artifacts of learning 

  • Self-Reflection and Assessment

  • Follows them through to grade 12

In a nutshell, FLEX aims to:


  • Ease the transition from elementary to high school 

  • Enrich learning and the high school experience 

  • Increase and support academic achievement  

  • Promote supportive peer relationships 

  • Motivate students to engage in new and familiar areas of study, involvement, and service 

  • Explore the process of collaboration

  • Provide each student with at least one adult in the school building who knows them well, which then improves teacher/student relations and attitudes towards school 

  • Provide students with time, support/guidance as they explore the Core Competencies and work towards their E-Portfolio 

  • Fulfill the requirements for the Career Education 8 curriculum 

  • Promote healthy living through daily physical activity